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Title Basic size and functions on our doll's body.
Posted by World of Pullip (ip:)
  • Date 14.10.31
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Here are some basic information on
Ars Gratia Artis's, our, dolls.

*Photo to show the size difference between our most popular models.
Dal is not in the photo since Dal & Byul have the same height and body type.

_________ BODY _________

Body is made of ABS・HIPS・POM・TPR

Please check the chart below for body functions.

Model Wink Eye movement Body joints Height (cm)
Pullip Yes Can pose
left to right
Free movement 31
Taeyang Free movement 35
Free movement
*Also has a knee joint for better posing
Dal No Free movement 26.3
Byul Free movement 26.3
Yeolume No joints on the arm and leg. Bendable arm/leg 26

_________ EYES _________

All models have a lever on the back middle of the head.
By moving this you can pose the eyes.
Both eyes move together.

Wink-able models have  extra buttons on the side of the lever.

By pushing them you can fix the eyes to look as if they're winking or closing both eyes.
Each eyelid buttons are individual.

*The back of Isul's head and an example of Isul closing both eyes.

______ ISUL BODY ______
Isul has an extra joint on his knees.
This let's him completely fold this legs as shown on the photo below.
Pullip, Dal, Byul, Taeyang doesn't have this joint and they can only bend 90 degrees.

______ YEOLUME BODY ______
Yeolume doesn't have joints on her arm and leg.
There are a whole part that is attached to the body.
Her legs and arms can be bent for posing.

For more details on Yeolume's body please check this link.

> Pullip Saga : Yeolume's body <

________ PULLIP BODY ________
Pullip has been through 3 innovations on her body.

The current body is the 4th body type.

Check the video below to see how they move!

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