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Title Pullip Saga - Always a hot item, school uniforms!
Posted by World of Pullip (ip:)
  • Date 14.10.01
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There's a thing about uniforms. Some can bring fantasies, some can look professional and some can make one neat and tidy. We have done many uniforms in the past. Like maid uniforms or the entry plug uniform from Evangalion series and even the recent Sailor moon uniforms. But I think it's safe to say that we've done school uniforms the most.

I remember seeing Nina and Sage in a typical Korean school girl/boy uniform. Most students in Korea from age 14-19 wear uniforms and the colors that were used for Nina and Sage were the most common during the 80-90s.

During that period, most schools didn’t allow students to groom their hair, so everyone had black hair and had to keep the length short. I would say Nina and Sage would have been called to the principal’s office a lot for that hairstyle. Or maybe they were attending a fancy private school where students had more freedom.

Most recent school uniform dolls were released last year fall. Pullip, Taeyang, Isul have modeled for the outfits and it looked like a school uniform catalog. Nina was released on April 2006, and after 7years, school uniforms have become more stylish and bright. Since it’s designed to be a ‘everyday look’ the colors should be casual and comfortable to the eye.

A lot of new schools in Korea actually have more colorful and stylish uniforms these days because of many K-pop dramas showing main characters in good looking uniforms.

Students want to be more stylish and since the mass have seen more and more of colorful fit outfits on TV, they are accepting them in real life. The older generation that is mostly in charge, would never had said yes to Pullip Eloise’s colors and shoes ten years ago.

But the re-discovering of school looks in Korea was inspired a lot by Queen B on Gossip girl. She really made a statement on how to wear them in an upper eastside’sh way.

School uniforms bring back nostalgic feelings, whether people wore them or not as a student. No wonder they are always popular to our fans.

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  • Jane Easterly 14.11.13 0points
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    Spam I love the school uniform dolls. We need a new Dal in a school uniform!
  • DebraKessing 14.11.13 0points
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    Spam Agreed - we NEED a new Dal in a school uniform. Or any uniform !
  • JessicaLeBar 14.11.13 0points
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    Spam A Dal in a school uniform would be perfect!
  • AvalieWee 14.11.13 0points
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    Spam Please make a Dal in uniform.
  • JaneCherie 14.11.14 0points
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    Spam Please please please release a school girl DAL ! A school uniform doll is always popular!

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