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Title Alice in Steampunk World pt2 - Steampunk lineup (1)
Posted by World of Pullip (ip:)
  • Date 15.07.20
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Alice in Steampunk World part 2 - AGA's Steampunk lineup

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On part one, we've had some small talk about the concept of 'Steampunk' and mentioned about the different kinds of personas that can be found in the Steampunk world.

Many would think that Steampunk fashion is similar to costume playing. Actually it's not. If costume playing is mostly about dressing up as a character existing in a movie, manga or comic, Steampunk fashion is more about building your character. So a having a persona helps a lot.

Putting together Steampunk elements could be fun, but without a story to back it, you can get lost. You don't have to 'role play' all the time or at all to do this. All you need is to figure out what you like. Mostly people start with a piece of clothing or an accessory. If you feel a bond, you can add more to it. For example, if you are into goggles engines, your persona could be an aviator. The rest of the outfit will come when you build on it. This kind of thinking will really help with the outfit cohesion.


Let's take a look at our past Steampunk series. With our doll designers we'll check what kind of personas are within.

Rhiannon, the <Balloon Pirate>

Byul was set as a Steampunk pirate, we wanted to mix different styles into her look and a pirate was perfect!. They take what they want and make it their own. So...She was traveling, actually started as a 'run away' on an air balloon. She didn't get much, but her duffle bag was full of small and pricy things. She couldn't stop noticing a laced hat and umbrella in the corner and thought it would look great on her.  Hmmm...what's a pirate doing wearing lace? Well, she's a pirate but also a girl that enjoys nice things! The hat is great for covering up! We don't know what's coming to get her! (But she'll never close her huge eyes!) And the umbrella...well kinda stupid but it would be a lifesaver to her when she has to jump out from her balloon!

Ra Muw, the <Ragamuffin Rogue>

We wanted Dal to be someone on the move. So her persona was a Ragamuffin rogue. She's a survivor of the dark and smoky streets. Her outfit is quite athletic in exception of her boots. What can we say, she can't let go of those boots and she's still good running around in them! Do not dare to open Ra Muw's brief-case. We have no idea what's inside but we're sure you'll get hurt trying to find out. You see...she's learned tricks and traps on the street.

Apollo, the <run away Aristocrat>

Isul came from a noble Steampunk family. He was always bored at the endless gatherings of noble families and decided to figure out whatever is out in the Steampunk world. You know the story, rich kid trying to find who he is. At home, he used to wear aristocratic outfits and never carried anything before. But now he's on the road and wearing a lighter outfit. Still everybody can see there's a lot of gold on him! (Even his hair!) Will he be safe? When do you think his boot will keep their gold shine?

Gyro, the <Cowboy>

Taeyang in a leather coat and a simple cowboy hat… and a gun ready to point! He's no sheriff! He's a mercenary. But he's not into gold. You'll have to pay a good dream for his service. Once he's hired, the dream is no longer yours to tell. He's got a lens gadget on one eye that can screen your dreams. Or is it his right eye with a different color, that's doing the trick? It might be so; the lens could be just for a closer look.

Eos, the <Scout>

Pullip is flying high and scouting for enemies. She has guns and close rang weapons for combat! But her main mission is to get in and out without anyone noticing. No wonder her name is Eos, most people will miss her, and the few that notices will just stare at her beauty. It'll be easy for her to get away. be continued

with 2nd round of Steampunk dolls.

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